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kaleidoscope derives, transcending the nine-limits! bluefirejiuyan media co.,ltd. established in xiamen
news writer:蓝火置业   time:2016-03-30

      the year of 2016 is bound to be a revolutionary. in the splendid march, the advertisement company controlled by bluefire real estate group was officially founded------xiamen jiuyan media co., ltd.

chairman, bluefire real estate group: zhou fangneng
      as the top 50 chinese real estate agency, the philosophy of “based on profession, superiority in industry, succeeding in responsibility” is constantly honored by bluefire real estate group for the steady development in the long run. leapfrog creation and profound revolution are embraced as the diverse strategic development policy by group in recent years. through 15-year vicissitudes and the experience-accumulation of approximately a hundred projects, we acquire rich practical experience of real estate. bluefire has already been well aware of the new trend of market development. based on the deep understanding of the brand construction and advertisement strategies, bluefire carries out the brand-new strategic planning, separating a professional media branch from the previous advertisement&creation center for the purpose of providing more competitive and rapid well-rounded resolution for brands in respective fields. making the rewarding ideas bloom, honoring the considerate service, and facilitating the leapfrog development of brand construction, constitute the origin of jiuyan media company.
      focusing on the brand promotion for 15 years, as the inheritor of advertisement&creation center, jiuyan has established cooperation with a dozen of projects in xiamen, quanzhou, zhangzhou, longyan long before its establishment. from the perspective of future planning, jiuyan will engross in the integration of marketing philosophy which combines subjective advertising power and adhere to the combination of commerce and aesthetical appreciation. we look forward to expressing our high-quality and service awareness and quality in more industries outside the field of real estate for the purpose of realizing more value-added brand for our clients.
general manager: cairuzhong
      the foundation ceremony of xiamen jiuyan media co., ltd. in march, 2016 lightens the new journey of bluefire which leaves another impressive footprint on the career prospect of “rooting in west coast, sprawling to mainland”. under the staunch support of bluefire group and all of our partners, the elites of jiuyan will persist in the most passionate creative spirit and perform more advertisement and creation magic with deeper thinking, more accurate strategy and more spectacular creation while inheriting the goal of “creating more commercial value with perpetual culture”. jiuyan organization is bound to derive kaleidoscope and transcend the nine-limits.