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reform determination and joint progress
news writer:蓝火置业   time:2016-01-26

     at the very end of the year,with propitious omen (from the east) blessing, kaleidoscopic phenomenon express their novelties. onjanuary 25, 2016, the 2015 annual meeting of bluefire real estate group was held in xiamen langham palacehotel. directors from headquarter, shanghai branch, anhui branch, quanzhou branch, zhangzhou branch attended the meeting.

     the ceo, zhong guofa, delivered his high appraisalof previous achievement attained by bluefirereal estate group last year and presented his gratitude for efforts and diligence made by colleagues. the president of the board made closing speech in which mapped out the overall plan,new direction and essential revolution in 2016.

(ceo, mr.zhong, recognized and appreciated efforts made by employees during last year)

(photos of participants)

       with the annual meeting concluded, bluefire real estate group held a new-year feast with the theme of “retrospecting 14-year glories, embracing passion for future”. after passionate and hopeful exhibition, ceo mr. zhong praised and thank employees for their efforts of the last year and give best wishes for new year, then, he annouced the official beginning of new year feast. from that moment, a splendid staff party started.

(opening performance of staffs from the headquarter ofbluefire real estate group)

      bright fireworks predicts a spectacular fresh departure.resonant singing is touching rhythm ofnew year. during the party,versatile elites from bluefire came on stage to make themselves radiant.

(wonderful show of staff from quanzhou branch)

(wonderful show of staff fromzhangzhou branch)

     the host passionately announced the name list of staffs who won the best emploees award of 2015. everyone expressed their sincere hope to those who were awarded and applauded for them.

(issuing the most dedicated award of the year)

(the best team award: zhongjun four season sunshine project team)

     exciting lucky lottery-drawing game made everyone cheerful as the applauses, laughers and passion were bloomed. constant climax demonstrated the harmony of bluefire family.


      everyone enjoyed hearty dinner and took a toast for the new year. this happy feastshows both the young qualities and love of all staff and the ambitions of the company to achive bigger targets.

(group photos of all directors from group andbranches)

(group photos of all the staffs of bluefirereal estate group)

(party scenario)

     bluefire family submerged in the re-union moment and then ended with happy, harmonious, energetic and warm mood. all the staffs hope they will insist on hard working and obtain the glory in the next year.