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    bluefire urban operation counsel agency, which is a rare consultancy in china that specialize in the subject research of urban operation and counsel, like land plot-exploitation, industrial garden development and the optimization and upgrade of industrial chain, devotes itself to mastering the accurate development trend of urban cities for governments at all levels and urban operators, realizing the full and optimal use of land value and industrial development patterns.

we devote ourselves to------

paying attention to new round of the strategic trend of urbanization

focusing on the research on the resolution for the urban operation system

becoming the china’s leading specialized urban operation consultant.


service object

a/ governmental decision-making departments at municipal and county levels

b/ municipal and county development and reform commission

c/ urban planning department at all levels

d/ management committee of industrial gardens

e/ giant tier-one land operation agency


the scope of service

urban integrated development strategic consultancy

urban integrated development planning consultancy

land plot-development and operation consultancy

consultant services like land financing and industryfinancing


the content of service

a/ competitiveness research of urban development, resources check,research on the development of industrial chain;

b/ the development of new towns, reform of the old town, strategicpositioning of industrial gardens development

c/ regional overall conceptual planning, industrial function planning andoptimizing.

d/ land development operation strategy and directional investmentconsultancy.