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introduction of core function

    being one of the four centers of bluefire headquarter, market r&d center focuses on providing some sort of full-scale consultant service with professional insight and prudent attitude, ranging from professional market research, project investment and development counsel, production positioning and planning, to the periodical regional market monitoring reports.

    since establishment, center has succeeded in the participation and theoperation of hundreds of pre-project consultations. the coverage of businessesrefers to five areas including regional land development and operation,large-scale urban complexes, high-end residence, villa project and specializedmarket. the scope of service covers the full process of the preliminaryplanning of real estate, like the strategic research of urban penetration,project development positioning, property development planning, and conceptualplanning.

    equipped with 2 core technical departments-----market department and r&d department, center possesses specialized market research and production r&d advisory team and experts, establishing the perfect database system and cases platform, including market database, client database, planning cases library and classical cases platform. through the open shared knowledge management platform, bluefire realizes the national real-time connection, which guarantees that every divisions and their staffs share such a specialized platform and upgrades service quality. center offers full-length market monitoring for corporation operation, as well as, emerges the most powerful backup of professional consultant service.

main business

tier-one land development and operation consultancy

feasibility research of regional cities penetration

project investment and development consultancy

conceptual planning of project production