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introduction of core function

    being one of the four centers of bluefire headquarter, advertisement & creativity center, from the perspective of client demand, provides clients the full-scale advertisement service, ranging from advertisement strategies, cis strategic adoption, project packaging, to advertisement design. three aspects, including full-packaged advertisement originality design, copy-writer originality, vi identification system, are contained in the core functions, covering all the aspects of ad originality, profoundly improving the functions. center exerts enormous impact on ad broadcast, offering robust ad support to our clients.

    starting from meeting the demand of client, center has paid attention to the deep research of industry and exploration for years, progressively acquiring the competitive advantage that leading the real estate industry. being characterized with nationwide insight, strategic coordination, planning guide, actual effect emphasis and cultural innovation, center possesses the respective superiorities in the aspects of market division, creation management, talents import, client resources, and operational mechanism. large quantities of domestic first-ranked brand enterprises, national real estate developers express their faith in bluefire. various categories of hundreds of project cases featuring strategic, associate-typed and brand-typed, makes bluefire equipped with the control ability of china real estate pattern and veteran operation skills, which effectively offer cooperators the qualified or exceptional value.

    center equips with senior creative directors, senior designers and copy writers and fresh blood who favor sales and advertisement. it is the selection between every works that deepens the knowledge of consumers and sales, being a breakthrough of profession and expertise. the support for profession, the insistence on creativity and the adherence to the principles of surpassing ourselves entitles the eternal and vibrate strength to our team.

    center consists of three functional items------ae department, copy-writer department and design department. rocked by market r&d center, sales management center and planning strategy center, center establishes strong platform strengths supported by think tank, steadfast effective service, and full-stretched improvement with ample resources. with scientific division characterized as simple foreground and complicate background, internal prudent process and systematical working model, center consistently provides a united service quality, standard service plate and pleasure service experience.


main business

full-length ad creative design

phasic ad packaging strategies and execution

design and imports of vi identification system