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prove ourselves by strength-anhui and huiyan annual meeting of 2015.
news writer:蓝火置业   time:2016-01-23

     the annual meeting of anhui and huiyan was successfully held in hefei during 1.20-1.21.

     the general manager wang yongxing, deputy vice manager zengbo, vice manager wangyibin and the project managers, designers and marketing managers from six projects in hefei, chuzhou, liuan and dingyuan attended the meeting. during the two-day meeting, theydiscussed and reported the completion and existing problems of work for the last year. the schedules and targets were also set in the meeting.

     every projects had made steady progresses in 2015. the sale tasks of projects were over-fulfilled. another noteworthy case was the two projects-huiyan,lake house and huiyan, quyang century city,which were the first two projects taken by huiyan two projects achived satisfactory performance and sevenfold increases.

     thanks everyone. it is your efforts that make us successfully completed sale tasks of 2015. our goal in 2016 is far beyond expectation for the following two factors:

factor one:

      we’ve got new strategic partner in 2016- huiyan is the first case of real estate sales company in anhui province cooperated with large state-owned group for the establishment of a new enterprise. powerful combination opens up a new era.

factor two:

     being different from previous years, a key word-kpi (key performence indicator) was frequently mentioned.

four major parts of kpi:

     unlike the subjective and vague “impression assess”,kpi is a more objective assessment mechanism whichfeatures statistical expression and distinctions made on the basis of everyone’s working area for the purpose of finding and solving problems.

     kpi, a brand new management technology was introduced byanhui blueprint.ltdin july,2015.firstly, it piloted in bussiness department 1 of anhui,tianxi, yuzhou,tianjing project) and got fruitful results.

     in 2016, anhui and huiyan will fully adopt kpi.except for sales staffs,this assess system will be used in design, planning, finance and administration department of company. mr. wang also spoke in the meeting:”hopes new huiyan and this new management system will bring new development for company.”

wang yongxing, general managerof anhui and huiyan

let’s looking forward to more perfect anhui and huiyan in 2016.