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running! annual year-end party quanzhou bluefire
news writer:蓝火置业   time:2016-01-15

collaboration, creation, contribution, share

       january 14th, 2016, 2015 annual work report meeting was officially held, directors of respective departments in corporation demonstrated 2015 annual work report and 2016 work arrangement. first, manager yang and wang delievered a speech.

       subsequently, department directors repectively summarized and reported the annual work and the arrangement in following years.

       in 2015, under the guidanceof “profession and execution”, all staffs achieve breakthrough through joint efforts and common striving.


year-end party

       the imminent year-end party was welcomed by the attendance of manager zhong, ceo of bluefire real estate group, manager yang and manager wu, quanzhou bluefire, manager shen and manager zhu, zhangzhou bluefire, directors from centers in group headquarter, cooperators and medias.


       exciting moment arrived following the time elapse. when host annouced the openning of party, the atmosphere boiled.

excellent staff commendation

       the best novice award; the most progress award; the most dedicated prize; the best dedicated manager prize……talents constitute the soft power of a company. show great gratitude to your whole year efforts. please remember the smile on your faces, see you again on the next year prize-awarding platform.

exciting songs and vigorous dance flourishing

       how could be acceptable if songs and dances are absent from.

appreciating the sexy and dynamic jazz dance performed by girls, present bachelors find your “prey”, do you?!

       opusculum brought by fellows from diamond coast leads you into virtual reality.

       two competent singers from sanan, a piece of xinguifeizuijiu, perfect!

       dance features naughty pets and scallion swinging performed by fellows from xi tiandi city square, great!

       auspicious new year! auspicious dance from dajiang shengshi put in the right place.

lucky explosion: year-end big awards

       lottery drawing is imperative in year-end party

keep secret! special prize this year is a golden ring! who would win the golden ring!

       answers are finally uncovered! special prize was impromptu won by xintiandi! you deserve that! happy new year!

family photographing

delightful moment, deserve remembering
bluefirefree photographing
mugging, warmness, exhilaration......
retrospect 2015, we mutually encouraged and composed prosperity
look forwards 2016, we never stop and bravely climb to climax
collaboration, innovation, contribution, sharing
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running! 2016