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jointly refining dream and future: the perfect ending of 5th anniversary party of bluefire
news writer:蓝火置业   time:2015-09-25
     the 5th anniversary party of the anhui branch, bluefire real estate group was held in tongqing garden hotel on 24th september, a harvest season. managers from headquarter and anhui branch, and staffs in separate projects, approximately a hundred in aggregate, jointly celebrated the event that night.

     stepping into the year of 2015, anhui bluefire had experienced eyes-grasping achievements during the past 5 years. with the unfolding of the fair, the directors led the bluefirers to retrospect the past 5 years' frog-leaping progress and looked ahead the imminent splendid future on the basis of the tremendous achievement.

      the constant stream of conversation revoked the treasure memories of all the bluefirers about the 5 years' vicissitudes. the warmth mutually expressed by bluefirers forged the dynamic opening dance the spectacular fairy, warming up a "warmer and more fabulous" fair party.

      the warmth is the "accessible warmth", and the splendidness is the mixture of obtainments that worth constantly applauding and well-preparing.

      at the evening party, the colleagues from respective projects---- yuzhou, junan, yanye, wensha, deliberately plotted an art show followed on the "struggling for red envelops" and the “lucky lottery games", igniting the passion of all the peers at present. the winning of cashmere sheet, lcd tv and the ipad air pushed the party to the peak.

     the final exciting part of the fair, the "moon cake gambling", boiled the atmosphere following the emergence of various titles. in order to win the "zhangyuan", the biggest prize, all the colleagues went to great length. after the fierce competition, "zhuangyuan" came into existence, winning the ipad mini.

     this fair party that connoted the continuous efforts and struggles of the bluefirers was bombarded with laughers and joys. although the 5 years physically denoted a flash moment, for a developing company, it bears the significance and profundities.

      it recorded the development track of bluefire that flapped the wing under the sunlight and surrounded by the halo of dream, also the youthful and vibrant stories experienced by us. those valuable moments currently converted into the staunch power of developing.
      next expenditure is unfolding!
      bluefire never stops!