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bluefire real estate (quanzhou) formally established, solidly settled in grade a office building of quanzhou wanda
news writer:蓝火置业   time:2014-05-08
     bluefire real estate (quanzhou) was formally settled in office building of puxi wanda on may 6, 2014.
    as the top50 china real estate agency enterprise, quality and responsibility are advocated by bluefire. over the past 12 years, bluefire consistently embraces the philosophy of branding, specialization and marketization of the operation, offering integrated real estate value-added service of various brand developers, listed real estate companies and governments, and enshrining the “based on profession, superior than peers, succeed for responsibility” as our development purpose. quanzhoubluefire, the third branch following the shanghai and hefei branch, celebrated its newborn on may 6, signaling a new expenditure of bluefire and a further step on the path of “rooting in west coast, laying out nationwide”
2014 is the second year of bluefire’snew ten-year layout, as well as, the start of diverse strategy. the establishment of quanzhoubluefire opens a new chapter of bluefire west coast. quanzhou, the most active development zone in fujian, has at all times been the contested for developers and agency companies. well servicing thequanzhou market emerges as a critical strategic step of bluefire’s regional layout. since 2005, footprints of bluefire can be traced in jinjiangquanzhou, anxi, nanan, shishi. the establishment of quanzhoubluefire today means thatbluefire achieves steady progress in solidifying quanzhou market, developing quanzhou market, anddeeply exploring quanzhou market.
    at the sunrise of establishment, quanzhoubluefirestands sentinel over a high point of the industry. currently, cooperative relationship between quanzhoubluefire and several listed real estate corporations and brand developers, like china sce, powerlong, and mingfa group, has been built. with current 10 service projects, more than 100 staffs, and the support of cooperative partners, we believe that quanzhoubluefire will definitely stands sentinel over the cap of quanzhou real estate market. bluefire will be certainly ablazing.
   the foundation evening party of quanzhoubluefire was held wanda wenhua hotel, inviting all the developers, media, leaders of headquarter and all the employees of quanzhoubluefire. all the directors expressed their honest wishes for the establishment of new company during the party. the awesome performance by international band adds exhilaration to the party. the party finished following the toasts and guests’ satisfactory.

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