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passionate bluefire, fangte trip
news writer:蓝火置业   time:2014-11-05

   on nov.4, we organized the monthly best staffs to the xiamen fangte magic park forthe purpose of commending the monthly best staff, promoting the dedication spirit, strengthening the  team spiritand cohesion.

    punctually assembling at the gate of park, a team led by xiao xianzheng, consisted of 15 persons setting for a joyful trip. acting together and uniting, we either chatted and laughed or took photos, enjoying the beautiful scenery of autumn day. backward rapid flying and spirally shuttled roller coaster triggered scream and shout; high-tech magic show, dark tale, definitely widened our horizon; project of flying to the limit brought us a magical global journey with 8 minutes.

    in addition, we also experienced various mega theme projects, including final battle in jinshan temple, escapefrom dinosaur island, the light of life, magical castle and tanggula snow mountain. appreciating the mystery of technology, visiting magical world, weshouted and screamed, ambitiously challenging the limit. happy hours always elapsed. we returned although the shock still existed.

    peculiar architecture of fangtepark and adventurous recreational schemes uplifted us during this group journey. inthe process of adventure, we encouraged and watched each other’s back, greatly enhanced the cohesion and team spirit. we expressed our gratitude to careoffered by company, determining that we will more passionately and positively engaged in work, better performing the goal of company.