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jackson greek villa------fascinatinganglo-style rural life, backyard of melbourne

    located at the slightly upheaval hillside, jackson greek villa overlooks the commercial center. walking into downtown is convenient and spectacular rural landscape is available. expressways in the vicinity make it convenient to rapidly arrive at the melbourne downtown and international airport. various famous universities situated at gisborne, and the villa is only 15 minutes ride to the university of technology.

    situated at the north-west of melbourne, jackson greek villa is 35 minutesride away from downtown, 610 miles higher than sea level. local population hasrisen to 8000, european plants along the roadside with capricious seasonalcolor vibrantly grows. she exists like the backyard of melbourne. people livehere enjoy the high-quality lives. they are fascinated with the spacious landand anglo-style rural life-patterns. each design of jackson greek villa catersfor your unique lifestyle, which will tightly grasp your eyes. she was equippedwith spacious room, which entitles you a more comfortable life regardless ofyour choice of modern or traditional style.

    maybe the purpose of visiting gisborne is for craft-market, or enjoying the hotspring zone of daylesford. once fresh air and unique historical and cultural atmosphere reaches, however, you will be allured. as a result of backing macedonia mountain, adding prosperous and mottled urban landscape, gisborne has awarded as world-renowned photography resort for travelling enthusiasts. postcards printing spectacular landscape spread to the every corner of the world, which is attributed to them.

public supporting facilities

1. public transportation system/ exercise special lane, bicycle and pedestrianlane

2. private and public schools/ adjacent universities

3. medical and health care facilities/ nursery center/ hot spring

4. shopping center/ libraries/ restaurant

5. golf course/ recreation center