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2016 mid-year conference of marketing management center, xiamen bluefire
news writer:蓝火置业   time:2016-07-22
      the 2016 mid-year conference of marketing management center was held by xiamen bluefire real estate group, xiamen headquarter, on july 14th. the conference was hosted by zhong guofa, ceo of bluefire real estate group, with zhou fangneng (chairman), rao xiaoping (chairman assistant) and managers of respective regional projects in attendance.

       project managers and officials respectively made concrete report on the schedule of their own projects. combining with regional market reality, they reviewed and summarized the engagements, made a deep analysis and discussion on the problems existing in management, and exchanged the experience about the cultural activities organized by respective projects. manager group also proposed the sales goal and plans in the next half year. they embraced considerable confidence and determination of mission-achievement.

         high appraisal of progresses achieved in the first half year was given by mr. zhong, ceo, meanwhile, he strictly called for the competition mechanism of consolidated agency projects, responsive measures adopted by managers facing difficulties, problem-solving abilities and proper values embraced by manager group. he also required all managers from respective projects accurately felt the impulse of trend, fragmented the sales engagement to finish the corresponding divided tasks, and made great efforts to achieve sales target in the next half of year. he, at the same time, delivered statement on the revolution and development strategies of marketing management center, especially the strategic trend of regional development of longyan.
        through the reviewing the rigorous development of bluefire over the past 15 years, zhou fangneng, the chairman, summarized that the core force entailing the bluefire staunch industrial position is professional sales execution ability, and put great emphasis on three important criteria: quality, attitude and ability. bluefire set up a talents cultivation strategy for future development called “bluefire real estate sparkling plan leading group” which aimed at cultivating a number of more excellent marketing talents who inherited and developed bluefire-style sales ability, execution and corporate culture. all of these refined some sort of electing, cultivating and inputting system for back-up force, and levelled up the industrial competition which instill more energy into our group.
       rao xiaoping, the assistant of chairman, announced the members of “bluefire real estate sparkling plan leading group” and their responsibilities.
        the directors of “bluefire real estate sparkling plan leading group” made a concrete demonstration and explanation on the purpose of the initiation of this plan. they also focused on the plan of talents construction and mapped out the jobs of “sparkling plan” in the next half year. they also attached great importance on the improvement and execution of training, promotion and evaluation system while emphasizing on the plans that should be targeted at in the next half of year.
         centering on the recruitment, cultural construction, trainingwork, rao xiaoping offered several pieces of constructive advice which suggested that encouraged all staffs of marketing management center to be positively involved in the construction of corporate culture, especially the engagements concerning staffs interaction, entertainment activities and the improvement of sense of belongings.
       eventually, zhou fangneng, the chairman, expressed another emphasis on the fact that when realized that the real estate market constantly changed with the progress of history, bluefire needed to keep pace with the footprints of development, and fully exploited the core competition with solidarity spirit in the future.

       with the evening approaching, the group arranged an thankyou dinner for the perfect ending of mid-year conference of marketing management center, xiamen bluefire. under the motivation of group leaders, the mutual toast-proposing, intimate interaction and communication among staffs forged an touching and harmonious dinner atmosphere which predicted that xiamen bluefire real estate group would inherit the solidarity spirit of bluefirers and embraced the humanitarian-center and innovative spirit to open a new page of splendid history of bluefire.