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full moon blossoms, passionate bluefire ------perfect ending of 2016 mid-autumn banquet, quanzhou bluefire
news writer:蓝火置业   time:2016-09-13

full moon blossoms, fragrance of sweet osmanthus disperses, deep sensation generates 
reunion day, gather in bluefire with roaring luck
on september 9
on the mid-autumn festival featuring waxed moon, reunion and dream-realization, the the cooperative colleagues, supportive group leaders and partners sharing bilateral fruits gather in 2016 mid-autumn banquet during which we propose toasts, enjoying cuisine and tasting the exhilaration.
of course, the most exciting part falls into the “zhuangyuan gambling” and “prize winning” for the fortune next year.

the presence of group president, liu wen
     “the high speed of train counts on the drive of engine”. the growth of quanzhou bluefire cannot afford to absent from the affection and great support from group leaders. being inexhaustible from australia trip to attend tonight banquet, he expressed his recognition and expectation to quanzhou bluefirer.

opening presentation from general manager, quanzhou bluefire
     before the opening of banquet, mr. yang, to begin with, delivered his sincere wish and gratitude to the cooperative friends supporting the development of quanzhou bluefire. furthermore, he recognized the extraordinary fruits achieved through the joint efforts made by colleagues in the first half year, and made blueprint of corporate development in the next half year------transcend oneself, bravely climb summit.

opening toast from vice general manager, quanzhou bluefire
eventually, mr. wu staged on, proposing toast with all attendance, and expressing the best wishes for us.

let’s propose a toast
for the development and growth of quanzhou bluefire
for the further solidifying of our relationship
for the well-being of our families

the most exciting part, mooncakes gambling, began…..
who will win the prizes, including electric cooker, air-condition sheet, and adorable pillow.

the word of “begin” from the host unfolded the fierce competition.
“ding, ding, ding” the voice of dice and exclamation resonated.

the winners who drained their energy staged on for toast

there was a king of winners among them.
endless laughers and durable passion
the exhilarations spring up

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